Aviator Game from Spribe – Slot game review

Spribe’s Aviator Game is one of the crash games rising in popularity amongst British players in 2023. The slot game launched in 2019, offering Britons a new and exciting design. Aviator is not a unique slot game but a chance to win real money in UK casinos online.


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Aviator offers excellent game graphics, and players enjoy online social gaming. Also, the gameplay is simple, with straightforward betting steps. Aviator has one of the highest returns to player percentages in online casinos.

Britons looking for simple yet unique slot games can start with Aviator. At Montycasinos, we give you a chance to experience Aviator firsthand. Play for real money or select the Aviator demo anytime you visit. Here is more on Spribe’s Aviator slot game.

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Review of the game Aviator from Spribe

Although the game falls under the slots category, the design is slightly different. The game has no reels, no betways and no rows. What the game offers is a simple design with easy-to-understand gameplay. Thus, new and regular players in UK casinos can collect wins when playing Aviator is a possibility.

Britons can grasp the basics of the game with a single glance. The aim is to wager and collect your wins before the plane disappears from the screen. You can decide when to collect your bet and set a wager to meet that specific coefficient. Once the plane takes off, you cash out before it crashes and disappears from the gaming screen. The simplicity of this game is what many players desire when online.

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Features with Aviator game

Aviator has many innovative aspects as a casino slot game. The absence of regular slot features like reels and rows has no limitations. Instead, British players can partake in social gaming through the chat platform on the game. You can review the statistics of other players and decide on a gaming strategy. More on the Aviator online casino game features are as follows.

In-Game Chat

The feature appears on the right-hand side of the game screen. All the ongoing chats or player interactions appear in this section when playing online. There are no limitations to what you can chat about while on Aviator. Players share jokes, making the gameplay experience more interactive and immersive. You can add emojis and other fun stuff to your chat.

Live Bets

As the name suggests, each wager you or any other player places is visible to other players. Britons can review the bets, learn the coefficients others wager on and decide on their actions. Live bets appear on the playing grid on the left side. There is a bar dedicated to displaying bets and coefficients. Every round, there are winners, and the winning wagers appear once you complete the gambling round.

Live Statistics

Spribe understands that players need previous game data for new players. Any interested player can review the winning and losing stats present on Aviator in the UK. You can access winning multipliers for that day, the previous week, month or year. The information is perfect for players looking to develop a winning strategy for the next round on Aviator.

Free bets

Aviator has a high RTP; thus, most casinos exempt the game from daily promotions. But, with a no-deposit bonus, players can bet on Aviator for free. Plus, you can claim any other promotion or win tournament prizes to get free cash when playing. Popular casinos offer free bets to players playing Aviator.

Rain Promo

The in-game chat platform is not only a social feature. Players can also get lucky and get Rain Promos from the chat. Britons can claim the free Rain Promos by pressing on Claim. Also, you can set up your promos and offer other players on the chat platform. The aim is to ensure players get free bets to use and play when online without incurring extra costs.

Aviarace tournaments

Opt into the daily, weekly or monthly Aviator tournaments or races. Each race is a chance to grab huge rewards, including free cash or bets to use for a winning round on Aviator. However, prizes depend on the points you can collect before the race period ends. Once the period expires, you have to wait for the next tournament.

How to start playing the online game Aviator

Playing Aviator Game is simple. All you need is to understand the game and the dynamic gameplay. Plus, check the high and low betting limits before you start playing. Remember, playing this game is to cash out your winnings after the coefficient rises and before the plane crashes. Here is how to start playing Aviator in an online casino in the United Kingdom.

  1. Join the best UK casinos offering Aviator
  2. Deposit with the Casino
  3. Choose Aviator and load the game
  4. Study the live bets, review the potential stats for the day or week and choose a suitable bet and wager
  5. Wait for the 8 to 30 seconds gameplay to start, hit your co-efficient, and cash out before the plane crashes and disappears from the screen.

Explanation of gameplay

 Aviator is a game involving piloting a plane through a curve as the player. As the virtual plane rises into the sky, so do the multipliers for your bet amount. Players must check the flight pattern, bet and cash out before the plane crashes after take-off.

The Aviator plane flies in a curve, and a coefficient is affixed to each position reached. A successful wager is where the plane does not crash, and the player cashes out with a specific multiplier. But, if the player crashes before reaching said coefficient, you lose.

How to place bets

The game has several betting options. British players only need to follow the options given to wager before gameplay. These include:

  • Separate Bets: In this wager, you place different bets in a single game. But all bets have to win for you to collect wins
  • Auto Bet: If you select this betting feature, the RNG automatically places your bet on your behalf once the game commences
  • Auto Cash out The betting feature allows Britons to bet on a multiplier. If the plane crashes before reaching the multiplier, you lose the wager; if not, you win.

How does the game work from betting to paying out winnings

Playing a round follows a few simple steps. Once these are complete, you can cash out your winnings from Aviator. Here is how.

  1. All wagers are before the game starts, and the plane takes off into the sky. Gameplay only lasts for 30 seconds
  2. The higher the plane flies in the curve, the higher the multiplier
  3. Hit the cash out button, depending on your wager, before the crash
  4. collect wins depending on the multiplier achieved before the plane crashed
  5. if the plane crashes before you hit the cash out button or flies away from your designated route, then you lose

Specifications of the game

Spribe’s Aviator Game has many specifications that Britons may enjoy. The simple gameplay, easy-to-wager process, and live stats are a few of the game features. However, game elements that make Aviator the game to play in 2023 are as follows.


Spribe is an online game software provider specializing in different casino games. One of these games is Aviator, an arcade-like casino game classified as a slot game in most online casinos. Spribe offers the best in-game promos, including free bets. Plus, all games are provably fair. The game software can accept thousands of wagers at a go. Above all, Spribe is a legal entity with operating licenses from 20+ gambling jurisdictions worldwide.

Payout Ratio RTP

This is the highest amount a player gets back after a wager in an online casino. Aviator has one of the highest RTPs amongst casino games at 97%. An RTP of 97% means that Britons get back 97% of any amount wagered. For instance, if you wager £100, you get 97% of £100, which is £97 if you win.


The term refers to how easy it is for a player to gather a win when playing Aviator. The Spribe’s casino game has a low to medium variance or volatility. It means the high likelihood of hitting a winning multiplier or outcome. Also, the frequency of one win to another is high for players in the UK. However, the winning amount is always moderate or low with a low-variance casino game.

Minimum stake

The minimum refers to the least amount you need to play a single round on Aviator. Most casinos offer the minimum bet for each round to be £1. The game designer Spribe set the minimum bet for playing Aviator at £0.1. Depending on your luck, you may bet the £0.1 or a slightly more significant amount. The cash or amount you collect depends on the amount you wager as a minimum and the multiplier gained during gameplay.

Maximum bet

Although each casino sets the high and low bet amounts, the highest stake will depend on the wager you place. With separate wagers where you bet on multiples, you may spend a maximum of £200 for the wagers. But, if going for a single wager, the highest stake is around £100.

Maximum winnings

The term indicates the highest amount you can collect as wins from playing Aviator. But there is no set maximum amount for your wins when you play his arcade game. The limit depends on the multiplier won. But, casinos can impose a limit for withdrawals from playing specific games, especially if using bonuses or promos. Always read the terms and conditions for more details on this.

Is there a strategy for playing Aviator?

British players can use these strategies when playing Aviator Online.

  • Double Bet: The strategy emphasizes placing big bets and ensuring early withdrawals, while low bets aim at getting higher multipliers
  • Early cash Out: Bet high but cash out following low multipliers. The strategy is more volatile compared to the others.
  • Stats-based strategy: Study the game statistics, including winning coefficients. Use the data collected to determine outcomes especially high multipliers

Advantages and disadvantages of Aviator game

Aviator game has many perks you can reap. Take a look if you plan to join a UK casino and play.

A social game with an interactive in-game chat sectionHighly volatile game with no specific way to predict the outcomes
Excellent promos and tournament chancesThe game  is not a slot game
Multiple winning strategies Britons can use 
High RTP game 

Mobile playability

All Spribe games are compatible with different mobile operating systems. Whether you own a tablet or an iPhone, you can play the Aviator game anytime. Aviator is compatible with mobile devices that use iOS, Android, or Windows systems. You can download Aviator onto your mobile device and visit a mobile casino to play with reliable internet connectivity. Spribe uses HTML5 when designing its games. Thus, all games are accessible via mobile devices.

Demo mode of the game aviator

Britons can experience playing Aviator for free with the Demo Version. Use free credits to spend on your learning period playing the Aviator demo game. You only need to visit Spribe’s leading site to access the demo version. You do not need a full registration to access Aviator. Just select the Demo version of the game and start playing.


If facing challenges playing Aviator, you can reach out to the local casino. You can use the live chat platform or email address or seek the FAQs section. If playing on Spribe, reach out via the;

  • Spribe Hotline: https://spribe.co/games/hotline
  • Spribe Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Spribe/
  • Spribe Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spribe/

Tips for becoming a successful aviator player

Here are some hacks to help you become a successful Aviator player.

  1. Track the competition all through to develop a winning strategy
  2. Use the Automatic Cash out bet to reduce the chances of incurring a loss if you delay
  3. Use the two-bet strategy to cover losses in case you lose one
  4. Accept the outcomes as the casino game is a game of luck and not skill


The aviator game is a breath of fresh air for most gamblers in the UK. The game brings forth a refreshing gameplay and outlook to casino games. With the absence of regular slot features and new and innovative game elements, players get new gaming experiences. The game has a high RTP, no maximum win limit, and low to medium volatility. Thus, the chances of getting a win increase each time you wager and play. Play Aviator in Montycasinos in the UK today!


Is Aviator a slot or an arcade game?

Most casinos classify Aviator as a slot game. But in reality, the game has no slot game features but is more likely an arcade game.

Do casinos allow bets with promos or bonuses?

It is your lucky day if the casino terms and conditions allow you to play Aviator with bonus money. However, most casinos exempt Aviator from bonus games due to their high RTP and low volatility.

Is Aviator a fair game?

The Aviator outcomes are from the Random Number Generator (RNG). Therefore, the results are random and fair regardless of the 97% RTP. Plus, Spribe has licenses to operate in 20+ jurisdictions across the globe.

Can I download the Aviator slot onto my device?

Yes, you can download the game to any device. However, more accessible access is through the internet. You only need a reliable device, and you can play Aviator by downloading the game app.

Is there a limit on the amount I can win playing Aviator?

No, there are no limits on how much you can collect as winnings playing Aviator. The only limit comes when using promos or bonus money. Check the rules on win limits before using free cash to bet on Aviator.