Comprehensive Review of the To Mars and Beyond Slot

To Mars and Beyond Slot is a brilliant casino game with an outer space theme that brings a unique approach to the iGaming experience. It is an epic game that uses the multiplier mechanic to deliver highly immersive gameplay. It also has multiplayer functionality that allows you to play the game alongside other gamblers and follow their actions for added excitement. 


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Since its launch in late 2021, it has quickly become a favourite among gamblers in the UK. This article reviews the game and discusses everything you should know about it, from the betting process to its RTP, volatility, features, mobile compatibility, and many more. At, we pride ourselves on our unbiased casino game reviews, which provide you with accurate information to inform your gaming decisions. 

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Review of To Mars and Beyond game from Gaming Corps

Although the game is quite different from what most online gamblers are used to, it is very easy to learn and master. It has straightforward rules, making it a good fit for both beginners and experienced gamblers. You do not need any skill to play this game, as it is entirely luck-based. Here, we share the game’s details, so you’ll encounter no challenges when playing it. 

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Game Features

To Mars and Beyond is unlike any other casino game. It has exciting features you’ll hardly find on other games, such as the bonus challenge, double bet panels, auto bet and collect features, live statistics, etc. Together, these features deliver an immaculate experience, smoothen the gambling process, and assist your winning efforts. Here are detailed explanations of how they work:

Bonus Challenge 

The bonus challenge commences when an enemy vessel spontaneously appears during a gaming session. Your rocket responds by automatically engaging it in a shootout that can end in a win, loss, or draw. If you win, you will receive free bets to be used in the next round or a multiplier boost. 

Multiplayer feature

This feature allows you to play each round with other players and see their actions, such as their bet sizes and multiplier levels. There is also a chat box where you can communicate with other gamblers playing the game. The multiplayer function offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy this game with friends or engage with strangers.

Double Bet Panels 

The To Mars and Beyond game has double bet panels that enable you to place two simultaneous bets. This function significantly increases your potential winnings as multipliers will be applied individually to each wager. You can access the second bet panel using a mobile device by clicking the + icon under the first bet button. 

Auto Bet Feature  

This feature allows the game to keep betting on the same value for a specified number of times. You can enable it by selecting the “Auto” button in the bet panel and choosing the number of auto bets you’d like to make. 

Collect Feature    

The collect feature allows you to cash your winnings before the rocket crashes. The payout you receive comprises your bet times the multiplier value when cashing out. An auto-collect function also automatically collects at any multiplier level you choose. 

Live Statistics 

This feature helps you to see all the bets you and other players have placed in the current round. It is displayed at the top right corner of the main screen on the desktop and below the game panel on mobile devices. It refreshes after every session and shows the multiplier level at which a player cashed out.

How to Start Playing To Mars and Beyond

You can start playing this online game by following the steps below:

  • Register on a reliable online casino. Check for the best UKGC-licensed casinos in 2023. 
  • Deposit funds into your gaming account if you wish to play for real money. If you want to play for free, you can play the game in demo mode. 
  • Navigate to the casino’s game lobby and select “To Mars and Beyond.”
  • Choose your bet size and watch your rocket travel from Mars into outer space. 
  • Cash out your winnings using the “Collect” button 

Explanation of Gameplay   

The To Mars and Beyond game features mesmerizing gameplay that leaves you longing for more. Each round begins with players placing their bets before the rocket launches into outer space. A Bet multiplier activates once the rocket takes off and is applied to your wager. You can collect your winning at any point during the game or choose to continue. You lose your bet if the rocket crashes before you claim your reward. The sections below give detailed and simplified explanations of how the game works and how to place your bets. 

How to Place Bets 

Placing bets on this game is a straightforward process. At the beginning of each round, you can specify the amount you’ll like to bet by using the – or + buttons to increase or reduce your bet size, respectively. Note that you must place your bet before the rocket takes off, or you’ll have to wait till the next round. 

How Does the Game Work

After placing your bet, your rocket zooms off from Mars into outer space. You can cash out your winnings by pressing the “Collect” button on the left side of the screen. A new session commences when the rocket crashes, and you have about ten seconds to wager on the upcoming round. 

Specifications of the game  

Gaming Corps is the software provider behind this fantastic game. The company leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that gamblers in the UK enjoy a terrific and rewarding experience when playing it. The To Mars and Beyond Game is a high volatility slot with a wide betting limit that makes it accessible to every player, irrespective of their gambling budget. In the sections below, we share more information about the game’s payout ratio, volatility, maximum winnings, and developer. 

Software Provider

As stated earlier, the game is developed by Swedish-based casino software provider–Gaming Corps. The company was founded in 2014 by a group of experienced designers and developers with the vision to create a premium casino and niche video games for the iGaming industry. Gaming Corps holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), proving its authenticity and trustworthiness.

Payout Ratio (RTP) 

Payout ratio or Return-to-Player percentage (RTP) refers to the average amount a casino game pays out over time. To Mars and Beyond is a multiplier game with an RTP that ranges between 95.31% to 97%, depending on the player’s tactics the player. Generally, multiplier games tend to have lower RTPs around the 90-94% range. However, Gaming Corps designed this game with a high RTP to give UK players a better chance at winning sizeable payouts. 


Volatility refers to how often a casino game pays out winnings and the average size of the wins. This factor allows you to assess the possibility of winning your bets and recouping your losses when gambling online. To Mars and Beyond is a high volatility slot, meaning payouts are few, but they come in large amounts when they occur. 

Minimum Stake 

The minimum stake in this game is £0.1, making it a suitable option for low-rollers. The low bet limit allows you to enjoy the game and win substantial payouts without spending too much money. If you’re playing the game for the first time, it’s best to start by placing smaller wagers and gradually increasing your bet sizes as you gain more experience. 

Maximum Bet     

The maximum bet limit in this game is £100. So you can wager any amount between £0.1 to £100. You can adjust your bet size using the – and + buttons before clicking the “Place bet” button to finalize your decision. 

Maximum Winnings     

The maximum amount you can win when playing this game is £10,000. This proves that To Mars and Beyond is not only an ingenious game but also a high-paying one. Immediately you win this amount, the game will automatically credit your gambling account with your winning so you can withdraw it. 

Is there a strategy for playing the To Mars and Beyond game?       

While there’s no surefire way to guarantee a win in this game, you can employ some strategies to tilt the odds in your favour. The first step is to understand the basics of the To Mars and Beyond game. This will help you make better decisions throughout the gameplay. You can also use betting systems like the Martingale system, the Fibonacci sequence, and the Labouchere system. These systems dictate your bet sizes to help you make a net profit when playing casino games. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of To Mars and Beyond Game       

Although To Mars and Beyond is a terrific casino game, it doesn’t come without its downsides. Here are some advantages and disadvantages you should know before playing this game on a gambling site: 


  • High RTP 
  • Multiplayer functionality with a chat box
  • Bonus challenge with multiplier boost and free bet reward 
  • Double bet panels allow you to place two simultaneous wagers. 

Disadvantages :

  • Being a live game, an unstable internet connection can cause you to lose your bet. 

Mobile Playability 

The game is designed using HTML5 technology, allowing it to run seamlessly on all mobile devices, regardless of their operating system. It automatically adjusts to fits the screens of mobile phones, iPads, and tablets to deliver the best possible experience without sacrificing any feature you’d find on the desktop platform. The game works on all these devices without lagging as long as your internet connection is stable. 

Demo Mode

To Mars and Beyond is available in demo mode to allow British players to enjoy the game without gambling with real money. Although you can’t collect your winnings in this mode, it offers a risk-free approach to acquiring a practical understanding of the game and experiencing its gameplay. 


If you need any assistance playing the To Mars and Beyond game, you can reach out to the online casino’s support team for help. You can also use the chat box to discuss with other players betting on the same round and ask your questions. Lastly, you can send your inquiries or complaints to the developer via email using this address: [email protected] reach out to the developer via email. 

Tips for becoming successful To Mars and Beyond Player 

Although luck plays a major role in winning this game, there are a few tips you can employ to improve your winning chances. 

  • Only gamble casino sites with a licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) to prevent getting defrauded by shady platforms. 
  • Play the game in demo mode before you start gambling with real money. 
  • Start with small bet sizes and increase your wagers as you go. 
  • Set and stick to a gambling budget to avoid overspending. 


From the stables of Gaming Corps, To Mars and Beyond is an incredible multiplier game with high-quality graphics, intriguing gameplay, and lucrative bonus features. It is easy to play and has a wide betting range, accommodating low and high rollers. To get the most out of this game, ensure that you only play it on trustworthy online casinos


What is the RTP of this casino game?

The game’s RTP ranges between 95.31% to 97%, depending on the player’s strategy.

Can I play the game for free?

Yes, you can. You can enjoy this casino game for free by playing it in demo mode. While you can’t win real money in this mode, it allows you to understand how the game works and see its features in action.

Is there a bonus feature to enjoy?

Yes! The bonus feature is activated when you win against an enemy vessel in a shootout. It rewards you with a multiplier boost or free bets.

What are the bet limits for this game?

The minimum amount you can bet when playing the To Mars and Beyond game is £0.1, while the maximum bet limit is £100. The game also has a ‘Cancel bet ‘feature that allows you to cancel wagers before the next round starts.

Does the game have a free spins mode?

While the game does not have a free spins mode, a free bet feature awards you the same monetary value as the wager you placed in the previous round. The awarded free bet is first used up when the next gaming round starts.