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What’s There to Know About the Roulette Casino Online

The Roulette Casino Online game is one of the most important games in the casino industry. The classic roulette has been the face of casino games for decades. If you’ve ever seen a movie with a casino as part of its setting, you are likely to find the actors at the roulette wheel. Also, the game is as exciting as it is rewarding when you have learned the rules. That is what we are offering you in this article – an introduction to the world of the Roulette Casino Online game.

It has its root in French, meaning the little wheel with the game’s discovery credited to French inventor Blaise Pascal. While Roulette games are traditional to land-based casinos, the game has since evolved with the creation of the online casino. Whether you are playing roulette to win real money or just playing for fun, online roulette is a casino experience you will enjoy. Let show you why.

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Roulette Games for Free or Real Money

To start playing roulette online, the first step is finding the right online casino. suggests that you find a casino offering the best online roulette experience. At this casino, players should be able to both practise and play for real money. Top online casinos also have a casino bonus system that offers bonuses to players for their first deposit when playing for real money online. It is worth noting that a roulette bonus might not be as much as what you would get from other games, except you hit progressive jackpots or you’re eligible for bonus spins.

Roulette Information for Beginners

The truth is that casino games can sometimes be daunting, especially if you are a newbie. It’s even worse if you have arithmophobia. We, however, have you covered. We plan on taking you by the hand, explaining the bits and details of roulette games.

The Basics of Roulette

The idea behind playing it is simple. Unlike online blackjack that is a card game, players in a roulette game place bets on the ball landing on numbers and colors. This could also take other forms. The stakes could be whether the outcome is odd or even numbers, or whether the numbers are high or low.

To put it differently, players place bets on all kinds of things: whether the number the ball lands on will be single or double-digit, odd or even, black or red, or even fall within set ranges of numbers. Players place chips on the colors, numbers, or groups of numbers they wish to play to indicate their bets.

Roulette Bets

The roulette bets take two primary forms. There are the low-risk bets where you don’t lose much money, but you enjoy only modest winnings. On the other hand, are the riskier bets where you could lose a lot of money but also stand the chance of recording very high winnings.

Low Risk Bets

If playing it safe or being cautious is your thing, you would want to consider low-risk bets. The most popular of the low-risk bets is the evens bets, which yields the lowest overall variance. While you enjoy a 48% chance of recording a win, your payout rate or reward would be significantly low at just 1:1.

Under this category of bets, you can place bets on whether the results will be even or odd numbers, black or red, or between a range of numbers. To also increase your payout, you can combine bets, further increasing your chances of winning.

High Risk Bets

Here, you bet on single numbers, which gives you the lowest chance of winning but the highest possible payout. The straight-wager is the highest risk bet that a player can make in a game. While you have a grim 2.7% chance of recording a win, you are set for a 35:1 jackpot.

It’s also possible to increase your chance of winning while still maintaining the bet’s high risk and reward nature. Rather than place your bet in a single number, you can split your bet on two different numbers giving you a 5.4 percent chance of winning for a 17:1 payout.

Custom Bets

A custom bet allows for combining related or unrelated outcomes into just one bet. The objective of the custom bet is to increase a player’s chances of winning.

In many games, you can have custom bets such as snake bets, neighbor bets, and bonus bets, all of which have the objective of triggering the possibility of hitting the jackpot or enjoying special bonuses for the player. With custom bets, you can determine how much risk and reward you want based on your tolerance, and they often differ from game to game.

Table Limits

There are minimum and maximum wagering requirements at any roulette table that are peculiar to each game and which a player cannot default. With these limitations, you can spend within your budget without going bankrupt at a single game.

Also, these wagering requirements are both casino and table dependent. Online casinos may offer table options before the start of a game. Also, the bet limits are usually contained on a sign placed on the table or nearby. A table limit sign may contain Minimum Chip Denomination, Minimum Bet, Maximum Inside Bet, Maximum Outside Bet, etc.

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Online Roulette vs. Traditional Roulette

Microgaming developed the first online casino in 1994. Today, these online casinos now compete favourably with land-based casinos, offering online versions of most games in live casinos. One of such is roulette. Find out the differences between roulette played in live casinos and online roulette games below:

  • Favourable Conditions: Live casinos, including the roulette table, are often associated with noise, mammoth crowds, and sometimes, illegality. However, with the online roulette, players can play roulette from the comfort of their rooms without the vices associated with traditional casinos. This is the same for other online casino games like online slots. An example of a slot game is the famous rainbow riches.
  • Practice: It is difficult to find a traditional casino where you can play roulette without placing bets or playing for money. However, with the online roulette, you can play for free. This is especially relevant to newbies trying to learn.
  • Faster gameplay: Playing traditional roulette at a live casino can sometimes be frustrating with the slow action. However, playing online roulette, the computerized dealers respond in real-time, resulting in a much faster gameplay.
  • Game Variety: Visiting a traditional casino, you are likely to find just one or two versions. Going online, on the other hand, you would find several variants such as European Roulette, Rapid Roulette  etc.
  • Better odds and payouts: As we have discovered at, playing roulette online is best if you are interested in making money. Online casinos offer lower stakes and even better payouts on some games, although tcs apply. Apart from the impressive roulette odds, they also offer a welcome bonus to new players and bonuses to reward loyalty for old customers.

RTP and Bonuses

RTP refers to the sum of money that a casino game is expected to pay to players, all things being equal. Roulette’s RTP is usually high for all main bets, ranging between 94% and 98% depending on the variant of the game you are playing.

While this is impressive, it also means there would usually not be room for extra bonuses from the casino. While it is possible to play with a bonus amount, players need to clear wagering requirements on other games. In the next section, you will find out about the main types of roulette and their RTP.

Types of Online Roulette

There are a number of variations. While they all have the same basic rules, they have slight differences, particularly in the table layouts. Some examples of the different roulette types include the American, European, Double Ball, Multi-Wheel, and the Mini. Other forms include the premium European roulette, dragons jackpot roulette, penny roulette, age of gods roulette (otherwise known as gods roulette), jackpot roulette and 3d roulette.

The kind of roulette you play also reflects on your winning. Find out more below.

American Roulette

The American Roulette is the most popular type, enough to have been accepted by many as standard. The American Roulette’s defining feature is the presence of both a 0 and 00 pocket, increasing the house edge by 5.6%. This means your chances of winning are adversely affected, much to the benefit of the casino. With an additional double zero pocket on American wheels, the RTP of the game is placed at 94.74%

European roulette

There is only one single zero on the European roulette table, which makes the player’s chances of winning slightly higher than what obtains in an American roulette game. This also reflects in the average RTP. With the house edge reduced to 2.70%, the RTP is placed at 97.30%, a significant increase from the RTP of the American version. At, we suggest avoiding American Roulette in favor of European Roulette.

French roulette

Just like the European, the French roulette table has one zero. A top roulette game, the French Wheel also has few rules peculiar to it. They are:

  • La Partage: You receive half of your wager back if the ball lands on zero on the wheel – even if it’s a losing bet. While this is very rare to find online, top casinos often have these games, so make sure to check them out.
  • En Prison: En Prison means “in prison,” and it provides a chance for players to recover their stakes after a zero spin, subject to the player’s bet being on red or black, or odd or even. This rule is usually reserved for the big Vegas whales instead of being available to the public.

Mini roulette

The mini spots a much smaller wheel than other roulette wheels. The wheel contains just 13 numbers made of a single zero and the numbers 1 to 12. While the mini roulette has a better RTP than the American Roulette, it is worse than the other two main types, with its RTP of 96.15%. Although it is fun, it is generally not recommended for the highest winning probability.

Live roulette

If you are interested in enjoying the thrill and excitement that comes with being in a real casino while still enjoying the privacy and comfort of your own home, live roulette is what you are looking for.

In a live game, players can communicate or engage with live dealers from the comfort of their homes in real-time. They could either use the chat feature where players can type messages to which the live dealer would also respond or use an audio chat where players and dealers speak via their devices. Immersive roulette and Lightning roulette, both from Evolution Gaming, are prominent examples of live roulette.

Mobile Online Roulette

Mobile online roulette is one of the most recent developments in the casino industry. It makes casino roulette available to players on mobile devices. All that is required is a mobile device that is compatible with mobile casino programs and a good internet connection.

It is advised that players should make deposits before a mobile game if they would be playing for money. This is because most online casinos require that the first deposit be made using the online roulette site. As we have discovered at, the roulette mobile’s challenge is the user experience, which might not be as optimal as the average roulette site.

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Online roulette strategy

There are as many strategies as there are players. Eventually, each player finds out what works for him and sticks to it. However, before developing and customizing your strategy, there are some popular options that we have researched for you and which you might want to check out.

Betting Strategies

These betting strategies are studied systems that have been proven to work in a roulette game. Those with some gambling experience know that achieving success at the tables requires more than just dumb luck. There are many strategies based on changing wager amounts, a few of which we have highlighted below.


The martingale betting strategy dictates that you double your bet each time you record a loss on a bet. This strategy reasons that you would eventually win if you are consistent with placing your bets and that this payout would be significant enough to break even.

The strategy operates under the assumption that you have money to place bets and double them if you lose. As such, you need to spend if you use this strategy. It’s, however, impossible to keep doubling, considering that there are table limits. So, this strategy must be used temperately.

Other strategies

Some other popular strategies you might want to consider include Paroli’s roulette betting system, the D’Alembert system, the James Bond strategy, the Constant Bet Strategy, the All-In Betting Strategy, the Reverse Martingale Betting Strategy; betting on neighbouring numbers, the Fibonacci system; among others. You can combine these strategies and roulette tips to produce optimal results.

Roulette games selection

While you might be pumped about beginning your journey into the world of online casino roulette, you may still be unsure about how and where to get started. As always, we have you covered. This section would provide you with some suggestions that would get you started on your journey.

Best Roulette game for UK players

For UK players interested in roulette in 2021, the European Roulette is especially recommended. It’s about time you joined the UK online roulette industry. As previously highlighted, the European wheel has the lowest house edge at just about 2.7%. This implies that for every £100 you wager on European wheel, you can potentially get £97.30 back, at least in theory. The main features include:

  • The European wheel has 37 numbered pockets (0 to 36)
  • The numbers on the wheel alternate between red and black, while zero has a green color
  • With its house edge of 2.7%, the European Roulette has an RTP of 97.30%

Top Online Roulette Providers

Several online roulette providers in the UK, regulated by the Gambling Commission, make it possible to both play roulette for fun and play for real money. To ensure a wholesome experience, they also use very impressive payment methods. The most notable casinos in the UK with online roulette in 2021 include:

  • Betway: This is an online gambling company with a global reach. It entered the UK gambling industry in 2006 and currently features nine RNG roulette games for UK players. They are American Roulette, European Roulette, European Roulette Gold Series, French Roulette, French Roulette Gold, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition, Premium European, and Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. This is aside from video poker, sports betting, and other table games available on the site.
  • Dream Vegas: Dream Vegas is another formidable online roulette provider in the UK, with its online casino accessible to UK players. The website offers games such as American Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, European Roulette, European Roulette Gold, Roulette Nouveau, and French Roulette.
  • All British Casino: The All-British Casino is an industry giant offering a 100% deposit bonus on first deposits and free spins for UK players. You can also enjoy the following relay games there: 20p Roulette, American Roulette, Key Bet Roulette, Original Roulette, French Roulette, and Low Limit Roulette.

Tips for playing online roulette

It would be best to recognize the pitfalls that you are to avoid as a new roulette player. It would help if you were also armed with useful information for a better gaming experience. Here are some of the tips we propose you leverage as you begin playing the online roulette for real money:

  • Place Outside Bets
  • Favour European wheel over others
  • Use the “En Prison” rule when you can
  • Use some online betting strategies.
  • Try a Column-betting strategy.
  • Don’t get carried away.
  • Manage your bankroll and know when to call it quits

Roulette – Our Conclusion

Whether played in the large crowded halls of a live casino or played online, casino roulette is an exhilarating game. While it can be daunting to newbies owing to the multiplicity of rules and strategies, it is not impossible to understand. In this article, we have provided you enough information to get started. But remember, responsible gaming should be your watchword.

Expert’s Comment

Roulette games, including the online casino roulette, is not the most profitable online game. As highlighted severally, the house edge is high and is inherently rigged against the player. Einstein is famously quoted to have said that “the only way to beat roulette is to steal money when the croupier isn’t looking.” It, however, makes up for this in excitement.

Roulette – FAQs

Can I Play Roulette Online for Free?

Most online casinos would allow you to play free games, although it comes with the compulsion of creating an account before you do so. This should not be a problem though, creating an account won’t take your whole time.

Is roulette a good game for beginners?

It isn’t precisely the most straightforward game for beginners, especially with the high house edge. However, with some guidance and tutoring, anybody can enjoy a game of roulette.

What is the RTP of the different types of roulette?

The American wheel has an RTP of 94.74%. The European wheel has an RTP of 97.3%, The hypothetical RTP in French wheel is equivalent to 98.65%, For the Mini Roulette, the RTP is 96.15

Can I bet on red and black at the same time?

While there are no express rules prohibiting players from placing a bet on the red and black at the same time, it is not a recommended style of play. It has no impact on your chances of winning.

What is progressive roulette betting?

This is a strategy created around the concept of increasing your bet’s size after witnessing the outcome of around.