Terms of Use

Contract Between Us

  1. Any contract for purchases made through montycasinos will be montycasinoswhose registered office is located at 86-88 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5RJ.
  2. We must receive the payment in full before the purchase can be processed. The payment advertised will be taken at the point of order. Charing your payment method doesn’t mean that it will be accepted by montycasinos. Once the payment is processed, we will send you a confirmation email. It will include your name, order number, and the total price. The acceptance of your order brings into existence a legal contract between us as indicated by these terms. Any term sought by and imposed by you will not form part of the contract.
  3. Montycasinoswill never process orders in case of errors or inaccuracies of the goods. If such an error is discovered with regards to the advertised price, we will contact you via email as soon as possible.
  4. This site is for non-commercial and personal use only. BY accepting these terms, you agree not to use it for commercial purposes or placing orders which will be sold to a third party. If we suspect any illegal activities, we reserve the right to withdraw the relevant contract and cancel the order.

Availability of Goods

If montycasinos has insufficient stock to deliver the purchased goods, we will notify you via email. Any sum debited from your account will be refunded within 30 days of your order in this case. We’re not obliged to offer any additional compensation for the goods in this situation. We endeavor to bring our customers the best value we can by often running special deals and promotions. Stocks are always limited at the special price and subject to availability.

Value Added Tax

All prices displayed at montycasinos are inclusive of your local tax. The final price of your purchase can differ depending on the tax that applies to your location. If there’s a different tax rate based on the destination of the goods, it will be declared on checkout.

You should contact your local customs office for further information on the tax rates.


  1. If the goods you ordered from montycasinos are not what you expected or damaged, we have no liability to contact you unless you contact us in response to the problem.
  2. If you don’t receive the goods purchased within 30 days after dispatch, we have no liability to inform you unless you contact us about the problem.
  3. We are not liable to you for any consequential or indirect loss or damage arising out of any problem you notify montycasinos under this condition. We also have no liability to pay money by way of compensation other than refunds where they apply.
  4. Nothing in this condition is intended to limit your rights as a customer under applicable local laws. Nothing in our contract creates any rights that are enforceable by any person who’s not a party in the contract.

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