Best Baccarat Online Guide for UK Players

Baccarat online is a traditional casino card game you’ll find in most game lobbies online. It also comes as a live casino module and is a notable casino game available for UK punters. With so many offers, joining a baccarat casino shouldn’t be a problem. However, not all casino websites offer desirable gaming experiences. It is still vital to review existing options and find trusted platforms highly regarded for reliable online gaming experiences.


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In this guide, you’ll find crucial information about online baccarat experiences, including game variety, gameplay rules and features. We also explore playing on mobile, the unique criteria used to find the best casinos, betting strategies, live dealer baccarat and pro tips. Our experts have covered everything to help you play your first game. You can start with free games straight away, but we encourage you to read the complete review for more insights.

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Table of Content

Information on baccarat for beginners

Baccarat table game is a simple game and we do our best to explain the rules in an easy-to-understand way, so you can get started. Like with any other game, or skill, practice makes perfect. The more you play baccarat, the better you’ll become and sooner you can start making profits.

If it is your first time playing, we recommend starting with free games on before exploring real money options. The game may be 100% luck, but mastering it takes a while, yet worth every second once you get the hang of it. Baccarat casinos online offer exciting experiences, perfect for new players and anyone seeking unique Las Vegas casino products.

How to play Baccarat online

Playing baccarat is all about understanding the different rules for each variant. For a standard baccarat game, you can bet on the player, the banker, or a tie. Cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are face value while King, Queen, Jack and 10 have zero value. Ace has a value of one.

At the start, the croupier deals two cards each to the player and banker. The upward-facing cards determine the winner and the goal is to have cards closest to 9. The two cards dealt are added, and more rules are used to determine each hand’s final results.

If you bet on the player and the hand is closest to 9, you will receive double the stake. On the other hand, if you bet on the banker and are closest to 9, you will get 95% of your stake. The last wager is a tie, which pays 8 to 1.

The rules of baccarat are simple and easy to understand

One great thing about playing baccarat online is the rules are straightforward to understand. Once the two cards are dealt, you can quickly add the numbers and determine who is closest to nine. If the total is greater than nine, the “1” is dropped.

For instance, if you get 5 and 8, the outcome is 13. The “1” is dropped, so your final result is 3. If the player’s hand is 5 or less, the dealer will deal a third card. With such simple gameplay rules, you can play games without strategies. However, you need a trusted baccarat online casino first.

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Basic terms and concepts in baccarat

Here’s a quick overview of the common terms and concepts you will encounter:

  • Punto Banco – Punto is Spanish for “player” while Banco is for “bank.” Baccarat is also known as Punto Banco. In online casinos, the dealer is known as the banker.
  • House edge – Refers to a percentage denoting the amount the casino stands to profit from the wager you make. A casino with a 4% edge stands to benefit €4 from every €100 you spend.
  • Bet – There are three bets; player bet, banker bet and tie bet. As the names suggest, these bets are made on the player’s hand, dealer’s hand, or draw, respectively. The closest hand to nine wins, while draws occur when the banker and player have equal points.
  • Croupier– Refers to the dealer, banker, or representative that deals the cards. Online games involves random number generators, but players can enjoy croupier services in live casinos.

Types of online baccarat – features and differences from the classic

Here are popular games baccarat players can explore to break the boredom of the classic game or Chemin de Fer, as it is known in France:

  1. Progressive– Similar to classic, but features a side bet attached to a progressive jackpot offering anywhere from €10,000 to €70,000.
  2. Control Squeeze – This variant allows players (not bankers hand) to squeeze the card. All cards are dealt facing down and squeezing is merely the act of delaying their revelation.
  3. Grand – Playtech’s grand baccarat offers punters the chance to make more side bets, other than the standard player, banker and tie.
  4. Speed – This game is released by Evolution Gaming and features 8 decks and standard rules. However, the betting time is 10 seconds instead of the usual 15.
  5. Multi-Bet Gold – Features player-friendly upgrades and the opportunity to play up to 9 different hands.
  6. High Limits – Designed for high rollers, high limit stakes/bets usually are higher than in standard variants.

Side bets in online baccarat

Side bets offer more results to bet on, increasing the number of ways player or banker wins. They also add an interesting component to the classic game. These bonus bets are placed around outcomes beyond who will win the next round of results. Popular side bets include:

  • All Red/ Black – Betting on the player to receive cards either all red or black
  • Bellagio– Betting on the player to receive three of a kind
  • Big & Small/ 4-5-6 – Betting on the combined number of cards the banker and player will finish with
  •  Combined Value – Betting on the combined value of the cards dealt to the banker and player.

There are several other side bets you can make. Check the FAQ sections for more.

Increase your profits with the right strategy

Baccarat is a game of luck, but this doesn’t stop you from deploying gambling strategies that increase your chance of making a profit. If you are a beginner, it is often recommended to bet on the banker and avoid the tie as much as possible. The banker has a higher likelihood of winning, partly the reason behind smaller payouts (only 95% of your bet), while the tie is harder to land. However, you can always experiment.

Using sound strategy, such as Martingale, can also prove profitable. Martingale is a negative progression strategy that involves doubling your stake every time you lose, so when you win, you cover all losses. If you win a couple of bets in succession, you are in for substantial profit margins. Players have the freedom to explore other online betting systems like Paroli and Labouchere. Some variants, especially those with side bets, also provide room for skill and blackjack strategy.

Play Baccarat for free or for real money

When looking to join a baccarat online casino, most encounters will be for real money bets. However, you can also play free versions of baccarat. Newbies are better off starting with free games to polish their skills before exploring real money mansion casino offers. The game is highly volatile game, so you can win or lose fast.

Once you are ready for real money bets, we recommend playing popular variants in the best online baccarat casino websites. Live dealer baccarat rooms also offer exciting experiences with real human dealers and player interactions. It is advisable to start with small bets before progressing to high limit and other high-roller variants.

How to choose a casino to play Baccarat in 2023

Punto Banco is a popular game in both online and landbased casinos. However, you need a casino baccarat players trust and regard highly. Fortunately, many aspects distinguish trusted platforms from the rest. Before you play baccarat online, make sure the casino has a valid gambling commission license from the UKGC, Malta, Alderney, Curacao, or other reputable authorities.

Other essential aspects to review include the variety of online games, banking options, bonuses, security and customer support. As a new player, the goal is to find a licensed site with a huge welcome bonus amount and games from top-rated developers. You should also examine the mobile casino, promotions, free spins, loyalty programs and other games local casinos offer.

Playing Baccarat on your mobile device

Most UK casinos are fully optimized for mobile OS and easily accessible through Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Players to enjoy the best winning baccarat variations games on the go once signed up for an account. You can play on the browser-based platform, which is just as sleek as what desktop versions offer, albeit on a scale.

Some casinos have dedicated mobile app players can download and install on their smartphones. The advantage of mobile baccarat games is you can play for real money anytime, wherever you are. Nonetheless, not all casinos online offer reliable mobile experiences. You still need a trusted site with a secure, sleek and user-friendly platform and games with certified fair results.

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Baccarat with a live dealer

Live dealer games are vital additions to online casinos and seek to mimic some aspects of land based gambling halls. They feature a real human dealer/croupier that broadcasts the event from a live studio. Players can join in the action and interact with each other via webcams.

Live dealer rooms draw new and seasoned punters alike. However, most casinos have few live casino rooms and real money baccarat often comes second to live roulette and blackjack. Still, there are many live options to play online. Simply navigate to the game lobby or live dealer section of the casino to explore live Punto Banco.

Online baccarat software providers

Punto Banco is an old game with many variants and providers. It is part of many casino game lobbies, usually found under casino table games and the live dealer rooms. The demand is also high, so you can find options from different providers. Online baccarat providers are the same developers that offer slots and other table games like roulette and blackjack.

Some of the popular providers include NetEnt, IGT, Microgaming, PlayNGo and RTG. Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Extreme are also notable for live games. Most casino software providers with slots and table games boast at least one baccarat game, so the list is probably endless.

Useful tips for playing Baccarat in online casinos

Playing online baccarat can be a thrilling and profitable experience if you choose a reputable casino, so it is vital to spend time finding top UK offers. While there’s no single best baccarat online casino, many have a secure, reliable platform with top rating explosive games and bonuses. Make sure you join licensed casinos with a growing reputation among players.

Once you find a casino, sign up with your email address and make the min 1st deposit required to activate the welcome casino bonus. If you have never played before, you can explore free and demo games on before trying real money bets. The mini baccarat bonuses also offer a unique experience for low-stake players and tcs apply.

Our conclusion

We have concluded our review and hope you found helpful information about the game. The game is a famous casino product, so you’ll rarely miss it on online responsible gambling sites. It is easy to learn and play and has many versions you can explore to avoid boredom. However, the experience is only as great as the site you choose, so you should prioritize joining well-respected brands and casino sites operators.

Expert’s opinion

Punto Banco heavily relies on luck, making it an undisputed offer in UK online casinos. The gameplay and rules don’t require much to understand, so many new punters find it interesting. I recommend live games as they offer more elements, such as squeezing and the human dealer aspect. Side bets also make for exciting gameplay and a vital progression once you have roots playing classic versions. While not as varied as online poker, roulette and blackjack, it is still a decent online casino game.


Can I play baccarat for free?

Yes, your best chance is to explore demo games or claim no deposit bonuses. Players can also enjoy free games in social casinos. The perfect choice is playing for free here at

Is baccarat a good game for beginners?

Yes, Punto Banco is one of the oldest and most popular table games you will encounter online. It has simple gameplay rules and a smooth learning curve, so you can start playing real money games without much background or experience.

Is it possible to beat the casino playing baccarat?

Yes, if you choose a reliable casino with certified fair games and true random number generators, you can beat the casino occasionally. It is possible to make huge profits, but you could just as quickly lose everything since the game is highly volatile.

Do casinos offer a bonus for playing baccarat?

Yes, most casinos offer various bonuses and promotions you can claim and spend the money on any game including casinos in Betway casino in Atlantic city. Some platforms limit bonuses to online slots, but most people prefer video poker slots because they contribute the most to wagering requirements.

What is the best bet in baccarat?

There are many bets to place and none is particularly the best. It all depends on your sports betting options strategy. The banker bet is ideal if you are more concerned about losing your bankroll, while side bets and ties offer significantly higher fastest payouts speed than average payout.

Which baccarat side bets are available?

The most popular side bets include All Red/All Black, Bellagio Match, 4-5-6, Combined Value and Double 8. Others are Dragon 7, Super 6, Lucky/Unlucky 8, Matching Dragon, Royal Match, Perfect Pair, Same Suit Opening, Three-Card 6 and many more.

Are baccarat side bets worth it?

Yes, like the classic game, side bets are down to luck, so there’s little a player can do concerning strategy. However, side bets add another dimension to playing online, offering multiple ways to win, so you can make more than one bet in a single game in popular pages.

What is the house edge in baccarat games?

Baccarat bets have different house edges. Games also have unique chances of winning opportunities and the house edge in classic won’t be the same as Progressive or Grand versions. In the classic game, the house edge is 1.06% for banker bets, 1.24% for player bets and 14.36% for tie bets.