Ken Warren Biography

Ken Warren

After he left the Air Force in 1987, Ken Warren supported himself playing professional Texas hold ‘em poker. He branched out to Omaha poker, and he’s now a consistent winner at both games. Warren is the author of three other books, including the best-selling Winner’s Guide to Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. He makes his home in Shawnee, Kansas.

Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold’em

Price: $19.95

Ken Warren continues his straightforward lessons for the average hold’em player by concentrating on the strategies and plays needed to win money in today’s games. In addition to a dozen thorough chapters on basic plays, Warren selects the most appropriate questions from the thousand he receives to address the topics players need answered to improve their game. He shows how to pull and push bets, make more money on the flop, use position as a hammer, play against the flow, adjust to opponents, playing styles, when to lay down good hands or call on the river, and the smart percentage plays, especially against new players. Special sections on no-limit hold’em tournaments and Internet poker give readers a complete approach. Includes tons of charts, real hand examples, illustrations