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Contact the Monty Python Offices
If you have questions for the Monty Python offices regarding copyrights, licensing or anything else of that nature, their mailing address is:

Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd.
The Linen Hall
Room 537-538
162-168 Regent St.

Note: This IS NOT the address to use to contact the Monty Python members, send fan mail, request speaking engagements, beg for autographs or generally make a nuisance of yourself. It's for official inquiries only. And PLEASE note that I do not have anything to do with licensing or copyrights. Nor do I have the email or telephone addresses for the Python offices. The address listed is ALL the information I have on the matter and can't help any further.

Contact the Monty Python Cast Members
Information coming soon
: This address is for general questions, kudos, comments, suggestions, queries on where to send that huge pile of cash you have for me or anything else of that nature. Please do not send any unsolicited files. I appreciate people who want to contribute and have interesting sounds or pictures they want to share and will almost always gladly accept any submissions. But contact me first and let me know what you have to offer. It's possible I already have the file or it might not be something I can use or be in a web-friendly format. So sending files without asking first is just a waste of your time. And please please please don't send me any awards. The first one is great. The second is really nice. The next couple are kind of nice. The next 100 are tolerable. After that they just become an inconvenience. I no longer accept or display any awards. If you like this site, a letter to tell me about it is great, but no banners badges or other gizmos are needed. And please please please please do not contact me regarding licensing info or ask for email addresses or phone numbers for the Monty Python offices. I do not have that information.