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I believe in free-linking on the internet. That's one of the aspects that make the web so useful: The ability to locate the material you're looking for quickly. So, if you like this site and want to add a link to it on your site, please feel free. There's no need to e-mail me to ask permission to do it. If you want me to link to your site, you have to meet two special criteria. First, the site must have something to do with the subject matter here (Monty Python, the various cast members, sounds archives, etc) and second, the site must be good! I won't link to a page that's nothing more than a collection of links, it must have some content of its own. I also won't link to a page that's about a totally unrelated topic no matter how good it is. My visitors aren't looking for information about art, sports, literature, cars, gardening or opera, and it makes no sense for me to link to such sites, even if they're the best in their field. I'll happily review any sites submitted and if they're good, and on-topic, I'll add a link. So, if you have a site about Monty Python, the Pythoners, the various films they did, a good sounds archive or something similar, and I'll take a look at it. I reserve the right to decide what sites I will, and will not, link to. If your site is good I'll be happy to link to it. If it's crap, don't waste my time. NOTE: DO NOT link directly to any sound files located on this site for the purpose of having them on your site. Download them, and then upload them to your own server to do so. Unauthorized linking directly to my sound files is theft of bandwidth and it's illegal. If you try it, I'll find out about it and have your site shut down. I also change directory names regularly to combat this.

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