Monty Python Ringtones

'Monty Python Ring Tones'
I'm not a ringtone expert as frankly I hate cell phones. I think these are the right format to fit most phones and they're the right size and quality to get a good effect off of cellphone speakers without being too large to fit. While I won't provide tech support on these I would like to know if they work and are useful. I'm not going to make more without seeing if I'm on the right track here. So if you download these and they work, . You can also suggest other Python sounds that might make good ringtones.

Wow, sorry about that folks. I had a little oopsie in my file names and the links to the ringtones were broken. It's fixed now. I knew I shouldn't have trusted that Gumby brain surgeon.
The Spam Song 87K
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life 107K