The Man Who Contradicts People

This sketch was performed on TV in Episode 22 and also on the album 'Monty Python's Previous Record'. The part of the host was done by Michael Palin on TV, but by John Cleese on the record. The Part of Norman Polevaulter was done by Terry Jones on TV, but by Graham Chapman on the record.

Host: With me now is Norman St. John Polevaulter, who for the last few years has been contradicting people. St. John Polevaulter, why do you contradict people?

Polevaulter : I don't!

Host: But you... you told me that you did.

Polevaulter: I most certainly did not!

Host: Oh. I see. I'll start again.

Polevaulter: No you won't!

Host: Ssh! I understand you don't contradict people.

Polevaulter: Yes I do!

Host: And when didn't you start contradicting them?

Polevaulter: I did! In 1952!

Host: 1952.

Polevaulter: 1947!

Host: 23 years ago.

Polevaulter: No!


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