'Dad's Doctors' and Other Interesting Shows

(Cut to BBC world symbol)

Continuity Voice: (ERIC) Tomorrow night comedy returns to BBC TV with a new series of half-hour situation comedies for you to spot the winners. Ronnie Thompson stars in 'Dad's Doctor'... (cut to a doctor with no trousers)


Continuity Voice: ... the daffy exploits of the RAMC training school. He's in charge of a group of mad medicos, and when they run wild it's titty jokes galore. (medical students run past him waving bras) Newcomer Veronica Papp plays the girl with the large breasts. (a young lady runs past wearing only briefs) Week two sees the return of the wacky exploits of the oddest couple you've ever seen - yes, 'Dad's Pooves'...

(A kitchen set. A man in sexy female underwear. Another man dressed as a judge runs in with flowers.)


Continuity Voice: ... the kooky oddball laugh-a-minute fun-a-plenty world of unnatural sexual practices. (the first man spanks the judge with a string of sausages) Week three brings a change of pace with a new comedy schedule. With Reg Cuttleworth, Trevor Quantas, and Cindy Rommel as Bob, in 'On the Dad's Liver Bachelors at Large', (caption of this title and several loony still photos of the cast) keeping the buses running from typical bedsit land in pre-war Liverpool. That's followed by 'The Ratings Game' - the loony life of a BBC programme planner with the accent on repeats.


Continuity Voice: Edie Phillips-Bong plays Kevin Vole, the programme planner with a problem and his comic attempts to pass the time. Week six sees the return of 'Up The Palace'... (stock film of the investiture of the Prince of Wales)


Continuity Voice: ... the zany exploits of a wacky Queen, and that's followed by 'Limestone, Dear Limestone'... (long shot of a cliff with two people high up on it)


Continuity Voice: ... the wacky days of the late Pleistocene era when much of Britain's rock strata was being formed. All this and less on 'Comedy Ahoy'. But now, BBC Television is closing down for the night. Don't forget to switch off your sets. Goodnight.

(We see the little dot as of a TV set bring switched off.)

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