How to Feed a Goldfish

(The background changes to blow-up of a fish tank. The adman is sitting at a desk. He pulls a goldfish bowl over.)

Adman: (Eric Idle) Well last week on Fish Club we learnt how to sex a pike... and this week we're going to learn how to feed a goldfish. Now contrary to what most people think the goldfish has a ravenous appetite. If it doesn't get enough protein it gets very thin and its bones begin to stick out and its fins start to fall off. So once a week give your goldfish a really good meal. Here's one specially recommended by the Board of Irresponsible People. First, some cold consomme or a gazpacho (pours it in), then some sausages with spring greens, sautee potatoes and bread and gravy.

(He tips all this into the bowl. An RSPCA man rushes in, grabs the man and hauls him off.)

RSPCA Man: (Ian Davidson) All right, come on, that's enough, that's enough.

Adman: ... treacle tan... chocolate cake and...

Voice Over (John Cleese): (and caption on screen) 'THE RSPCA WISH IT TO BE KNOWN THAT THAT MAN WAS NOT A BONA FIDE ANIMAL LOVER, AND ALSO THAT GOLDFISH DO NOT EAT SAUSAGES. (the man is still shouting) SHUT UP! THEY ARE QUITE HAPPY WITH BREADCRUMBS, ANTS EGGS AND ,THE OCCASIONAL PHEASANT... ' (The last four words are crossed out on the caption.) Voice Over: Who wrote that?

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