M1 Interchange Built by Characters From 'Paradise Lost'

(Continued from 'Housing Project Built by Characters from Nineteenth-Century English Literature')

Narrator: (Eric Idle) In contrast to the site in Bristol, it's progress here on Britain's first eighteen-level motorway interchange being built by characters from Milton's 'Paradise Lost'...

(He turns and we zoom past him into the angels etc.)

Narrator: (voice over) What went wrong here?

(Cut to a fireman in a donkey jacket and helmet.)

Foreman: (Terry Jones) Well, no one really got on. Satan didn't get on with Eve ... er... Archangel Gabriel didn't get on with Satan... nobody got on with the Serpent, so now they have to work a rota: forces of good from ten till three, forces of evil three to six.

(The camera tracks through a high-rise development area.)

Voice Over: (Michael Palin) But even more modern building techniques are being used on an expanding new town site near Peterborough; here the Amazing Mystico and Janet can put up a block of flats by hypnosis in under a minute.

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