The Show So Far

Voice Over: (Michael Palin) The Show So Far.

Presenter: (Terry Jones) Hello. The Show So Far. Well it all started with the organist losing his clothes as he sat down at the organ, and after this had happened and we had seen the titles of the show we saw Biggles dictating a leter to his secretary who thought he was Spanish and who he referred to as a 'harlot' and a 'woman of the night' although she preferred to be called a 'courtesan'. Then we saw some people trying to climb a road in Uxbridge and then there were some cartoons and then some lifeboat men came into a woman's sitting room and after a bit the woman went out to buy some cakes on a lifeboat and then a naval officer jumped into the sea. Then we saw a man telling us about storage jars from Bolivia and then there were some more cartoons and then a man told us about what had happened on the show so far and a great hammer came and hit him on the head. (confused) I don't remember that! (a great hammer comes and hits him on the head)

It's Man: (Michael Palin) Lemon Curry?

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