Repeating Groove / Ramsey MacDonald Striptease

(The pan continues. We come across an old-fashioned grammaphone on which the record is sticking. A hand comes in and lifts the needle off. The pan continues - it's the hand of the announcer who is sitting at his desk.)

Announcer: (John Cleese) Sorry about that. And now for something completely diff... (the film sticks and repeats the end of the sentence several times) something completely diff... completely diff... completely diff... completely diff... completely different.

It's Man: (Michael Palin) It's...

(After about fifteen seconds of the credits the music and animation sticks, and keeps repeating. We finally get on to the right track, and complete the titles. Stock film of Ramsay MacDonald arriving at Number 10 Downing Street and any others of that period.)

Voice Over: 1929. Stanley Baldwin's Conservative Government is defeated and Ramsay MacDonald becomes, for the second time, Prime Minister of England.

(MacDonald walks into an empty room - black and white film).

Ramsay MacDonald: (Michael Palin) My, it's hot in here.

(He proceeds to take off his clothes, strips down to black garter belt and suspenders and stocking.)

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